*NOTE this page will be continuously updated, and if you are interested in more indepth book descriptions, lists and about local resources relative to you (I have a really good Minnesota & Wisconsin list) please let me know!! *

            -North Country Herbalist Guild (MN herbal guild)    
            -American Herbal Association  
            - Methow Valley Herbs
            -American Herbalists Guild   
            -American Botanical Council
            -Medical Herbalism
            -Maude Grieve
            -Medicine Oxford Journals

            List of local herbalists

                        Herb Companies & Stores:
                        -Mountain Rose Herbs
                        -GAIA herbs
                        -Herb Pharm
                        -Equinox botanicals
                        -Quiet Creek herbal Farm
                        -Herbal Sage Tea Company
                        -Present Moment
                        -Tao natural foods
                        -Magus Books     
            *List of Herbal Schools upon Request*

            -Minimalism Simplicity

            -The Healthy Home Economist    
            -Weston A Price foundation 
            -Simply Sugar and Gluten Free
            -Gluten free on a shoe string  

            -Frugally Sustainable

            Sustainability/Traditional Skills:
            North House in Grand Marais, MN
            John C. Campbell school in Asheville, NC
            Modern Homesteading blog

SOON TO COME...resource list of books, articles and more!

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