Thursday, December 29, 2011

A little information about me...

Hello everyone!

My name is Jennifer Heinzel, and I am very happy to finally have a blog that I can write about my herbal learnings and adventures on! My interest in herbs, or herbalism, started around 8 years ago, when I found an Herbal Tea book, by Traci Brown, at my local library and I was hooked! Since than my experience, knowledge and interest has grown exponentially.

I've volunteered on herbal farms in Scotland, Minnesota, and Pennsylvania. I've made my own teas, beauty products, salves and tinctures for anywhere from 3-8 years. And most recently I completed an herbalism thesis with interviews from Rosemary Gladstar, Matthew Wood and Jane Hawley Stevens, as well as, an internship with United Plant Savers in Ohio, which I will blog about in the near future. ( )
            In the last few months Jennifer has found her niche in the herbal community as a writer. One of her articles was published in a Wisconsion co-op newsletetter, and more recently submitted work to United Plant Saver’s Journal, and is working on sending publications and writing samples to other places like the Herb Companion, Mother Earth News, and the Plant Healer magazine. 
            Her future goals are to start a small business selling teas, salves and tinctures and to complete Lise Wolff’s Master Herbalist program this following winter.

Previous Writing and Experience:

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